Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"The Monster and I" by Beautifulyes

The Monster and I by Beautifulyes
Author: Beautifulyes
Chapters: 6
Words: 17,068
Reviews: 39
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Horror
Summary: Edward and Bella are happily in love, but Edward refuses all sexual contact for mysterious reasons. What happens when those reasons are revealed? NOT CANON-STYLE VAMPIRES. Very, very AU. Much lemons, violence, and dark and dominant Edward.

Heey! I'm back! Sorry for disappearing on y'all for a few weeks. You know, RL and all.

Okay, so first, let me start by saying, this is NOT your typical Twilight fic. This is waaay the fuck out in AU-land. Seriously, I mean, totally and completely NOT SMeyer's vamps here, not in the LEAST. Now, not only do we have a great big HEALTHY dose of OOC originality going on here, but THIS has NOT BEEN DONE BEFORE! (Trust me peeps, at least to my knowledge, this is NEW!) REFRESHING doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. You can't ASK for a more intelligently written AU here people!

On top of all this fuckin' graavvy of originality, we have ourselves a MOST deliciously DARK DARK Edward! Oh, and did I mention a DARK Carlisle as well? Mmmm.....yesss. I thought that might wet yer panties a little more thoroughly. *coughNinacough*

Yes, Edward is Oh.So.Fucking.Deliciously.Dark in this. I've got two words for you submissive little masochists....



Yup, you heard me. (And listen when I tell you, I've tried this first hand, and beautifulyes fucking NAILS IT. Like a coffin. *Chapter 5 bbs.*)

And even with all of Edward's dark, possessive, dominant, devious, bloody-freaking-deliciousness, I can guarantee that beautifulyes will have you crying for him. Oh yes, you are going to want to embrace him, and comfort him, and then have him slap your titties and bite you. You are going to feel things for this Edward like you have never felt for Edward before!

So yeah, Chapter 2 is.... a little... disappointing... and I let her know this straight away. At least, it's disappointing on the FIRST go around.

But just you wait. HaHaaaaaa!

You wait until the fiery fantabulous FUCKERY that is ALL of Chapter 4, and you will be EATING MY WORDS... by the motherflippin' MOUTHFUL. I certainly did. (And this isn't even the SMUT chapter!) Her vampire creations are truly a thing to be behold.

Oh, dear, dear Chapter 4! *in a lover's regaling song* How shall I love thee? Let me cry out in hymn....
Oh, the FORESHADOWING! The ELOQUENCE! The IMAGERY! The sheer NECESSITY OF EVERY FRACKING WORD! It is Just.Fucking.FLAWLESS. *bows head, Amen* I cannot say enough about this fuck-all of a chapter, from the first word, to the last thought.

Seriously... Just read my review on it. I was absolutely dumbfounded by brilliance:
Chapter 4 Reviews *NOTE: Has many spoilers!

Okay... so maybe I get a little carried away with my unyielding praise & joy for Chapter 4, and maybe you, the reader, won't take as much from it as I did. But it is the Gods To Honest Truth that I was simply breathless after reading this chapter. I'm not kidding. I am still confounded at how sharply it struck the chords of angels inside me. The line, "...from the highest mountain," comes to mind. From the rooftops, from the bell-tower, from wherever the fuck I can find people to read this epic story, it is simply a MUST FUCKING READ RIGHT THE FUCK NOW kind of thing, kwim?


Well, what the hell are you waiting for?!? GO! READ IT!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

"All The Pretty Corpses" by Daddy's Little Cannibal

All The Pretty Corpses
Chapters: 12
Words: 26,343
Reviews: 721
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Horror
Summary: COMPLETE Bella Swan is a siren to the vampires. They come far and wide to hear her beautiful voice. NOT a song fic. BXE Darker side of Stephenie's vampires.

I want to take a moment this week to highlight an amazingly creative spirit whose presence will be sadly missed within this fandom.

Daddy's Little Cannibal (aka Stephanie) wrote some of the most original and creatively inspiring stories in the genre of Twilight. At only 18 years old, her presence in the fandom was staggering, winning award after award for her amazingly inventive creations, and the talent she weilded held the stature of a seasoned author.

All The Pretty Corpses was one of the very first dark fics that I had the pleasure of reading, and I would have to say, helped kick start my obsession with the darker side of Twilight.

Though this story is not necessarily DARKward specific, it is certainly dark and worth the read. DLC captured an amazingly original AU and even more amazingly original characterizations.

Bella does not fall in love with Edward. Edward is not your typical brooding protector. Her life is a tragedy and their interaction is unique, scary, sad, and comical. The end of this story is not happy, but it is perfection, and DLC's unapologetic writing shines through in the finality of it.

This is a very short read, and completely worth your time. I hope you will take a few moments to read through this and some of DLC's other stories, which are all stellar.

R.I.P. Stephanie.

See Bronzehairedgirl620's profile for more information.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Predator and Prey" by Knitten Kitten

Predator and Prey
Chapters: 5
Words: 9,863
Reviews: 106
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Summary: He is drawn to her scent, seduced by her taste. He would make her belong to him, through whatever means necessary. E/B AU Adult Content.

Hello my little masochists! I'm LATE! As per usual. Okay, so once again, it's not quite Saturday still (more like early, early Sunday morning)...but at least I'm getting better (and more consistent). Hey, it's a step. Anyhoo...ON WITH THE DARK!

I've got two words for this fic so far...


Shall I elaborate? Okay.


This story starts off with what would seem to be an incredibly erotic encounter between Bella & Vampward in a bar. Hmmm... seems to be right? Then they are in bed.....right? Was he there? How did she get to her office with him between her thighs? Wait. How is she now stopped at a red light, horns blaring behind her? What the heck is going on? Please don't stop!

Yeah.... like I said. Hott, crazy, sexy, confusing, panty-wetting MIND FUCKERY!

There is some serious, SERIOUS smut here people. And not just any smut, but my favorite of all....Darkward smut! Holy hell it is intense too! We get immaculate orgasms and neck biting like never before! I don't want to give too much of the story away because it is much better when experienced, but get ready for a....uh...ride. A very confusing one at that, but one that, once it's started, you do NOT want it to stop.

Edward in this story could be good? He could be bad? We don't know yet! What we DO know is that Bella...is HIS. She is his and she knows this and can't deny it...from the moment she...er...met him? He is beyond mysterious, and his abilities are so very intriguing. I so love it when a writer brings something new to the table, and the vamps in this story are most definitely different from what we are used to.

There is still much plot to be explained here, but the first 5 chapters up so far are OH SO ENJOYABLE! Knitten Kitten is a genius at screwin' with your head, and leaving you wanting only more. So get to readin', and slam this baby up on your alerts! Oh, and don't forget to leave some author-lovin' before your head explodes.

Go on, get mindfucked!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

"There Will Be Blood" by LaraWinner

There Will Be Blood
Author: LaraWinner
Chapters: 5
Words: 21,794
Reviews: 71
Rating: M
Genre: Supernatural/Romance
Summary: AU, smut, vamp/human sex and violence. A dark and graphic ExB tale loosely following the plot of Twilight.

Loosely based on Twilight. HA! More like EXQUISITELY based on Twilight and balanced and simmered to perfection....on high heat. Get ready for a lust-induced-rollercoaster-ride-on-ritalin, and just take the panties off now. Trust me, your not gonna need 'em.

From the start, this fic has wonderful parallels to both Twilight and Midnight Sun, yet gives the added pleasure of an AU with original plotlines and scenarios that can keep the hungriest of readers enthralled. Frank and unashamedly virilent characterizations and dialogue keep us entertained while expertly turning up the intensity, ten-fold.

Edward's character, Oh.My.Darkward. *pants* The EPOV in this fic is 10 levels of Hades SCORCHING. This, my friends, is the absolute epitome of a bloodlusting/bodylusting Edward. He is stripped of his annoyingly moralistic virtue and becomes the creature, the monster, and the sexual maniac that we have all secretly craved....a true predator. There is nothing gentlemanly about this Edward people. He is put out, and bored, and humoring his all-seeing sister under duress of visions of love that he doesn't want. That is, until he meets the greatest and worst temptation of his immortal existence.

Lara's interpretation of the 'biology' scene in many ways feeds off of what we've read in Midnight Sun....but takes it to the 1000th degree. Her version is waaaay better! Wicked, sinful, vile, dangerous and oh so flippin' hot. It was refreshing to read a re-write of this scene that wasn't just a paraphrased copy of the original. In addition, this scene is the catalyst that breaks her off into her 'loosely based' category. Enter...STALKERward. *fans self* Forget the whole peeping-tom, watching Bella sleep mumbo-jumbo. We get wet dreams that are so freaking real and intense that, wait.....they're real? Oh yes, they are REAL and Bella soon figures this out after receiving a rather angry hickie in an unmentionable place....YIKES!

There are many parallels to the book, but they are so originally done and well written and only serve to further her AU plot development. Bella's character, though basically the similar, has a much more furtive attitude (which I love). Of course, she doesn't stand a chance in hell against POSESSIVEward.....yes, we get him too! Though we are still in newborn territory with this fic, I am backing it 100% as it has already proven it's worth to me...and lest we forget, there will be blood, as Lara promises us, oh yes, There.Will.Be.Blood.

Don't ask questions, just go read this fic. NOW. GO!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Prey" by Eun Hye

Chapters: 9
Words: 11,883
Reviews: 160
Rating: 'R' on Twi -- 'T' on FFN
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Summary: Bella was bitten when she was eight years old but miraculously survived. Nine years later, Bella returns to Forks and discovers the Cullens.
NOTE: I recommend reading this story on Twilighted.net.

Ahh...I missed you loverlies! I know, I suck...bad, and I do apologize for my long absence. But RL as you know takes a precidence to our obsession, and I am not immune (as much as I wish I was), so I suffered some RL fail, but I'm trying like hell to get back on here and stay consistent with all of you and I do appreciate your patience! I've started planning my rec's out in advance so that this doesn't happen again. In addition, I will now be posting the current weekly rec from the PPSS blog on here as soon as it is posted. So, thank you to all who are following and loving some good Darkward, and without further ado, here's my review....

Okay, first I'd like to say that this is my very first "T" rated fic rec. I usually don't read anything other than M, but I've REALLY had to start digging for some decent Darkward material. The PP can all vouch for my complaints that I have had to suffer through some...well....ROUGH material in the past couple weeks. Seriously, I never realized how much badly written fic there is until I ventured out into the uncharted waters of the fanficdom. Yeah, it sucked to say the least, but this is the price we pay for new discoveries.

So, along my journey, I stumbled across this fine ass piece of wonderfully written goodness. Yeah, it's 'T', but don't let it fool you. There is some SERIOUS intensity in this girl's writing. And originality, OH THE ORIGINALITY! I absolutely CHERISH IT! This story is seriously original and has a massively wonderful plot.

Edward in this fic, well....he um, slips up. He's only a vampire after all, and control only gets you so far...especially when you come across some fresh singer blood dripping open, exposed, against the white snow. I wouldn't expect him to resist THAT....and resist he doesn't. He is purely predator-like with Bella in the first scene, luring the little girl into a false sense of security, whilst trying to resist, and whilst giving into the fact that he is just unable to do so. It is sweet, and scary, and so very vampire. Thankfully our favorite Cullen clan is able to intercede on his slip up, but not before some permanent damage is done.

The story after Edward's slip jumps ahead in time and gets craaazy good, and Bella in this story (Oh My Bella) is one-of-a-kind...literally. I don't want to give too much away, but I would rec this fic on originality and pulp and good writing alone. Throw in some really tantalizing Darkward scenes and you just GOTTA READ IT! So go, read it, read it like your life depends on it, and leave the author some serious love, cuz she totally deserves it!

READ THIS FIC! If anything for some finger-sucking-good Edward.


There is a new thread for this fic over on the Twi-boards. Come over and play!

"This Warm Rush" by myrevelate and chasethelights

This Warm Rush
Title: "This Warm Rush"
Author(s): myrevelate and chasethelights/apresmoi
Chapters: 6
Words: 24,003
Reviews: 439
Rating: M
Genre: General/Horror
Summary: AU-Edward never returned to Carlisle, his "rebellious years" stretching into decades. Bella is in Seattle, avoiding a dance and buying books. But she's a danger magnet, and ends up attracting something she never expected.

********** UPDATE ***********
Apparently, Miss Emmaline is moving, and has pulled both this story and her entire ff account. I have spoken to her co-author, and she was kind enough to provide me with a link to the story on her LJ page. There is only 5 chapters posted there right now, but have no fear! I am working on her to try to get the remainder posted and written. If you love this story like I do, you will know that I am not giving up my petition to see this story completed! Thanks to Kelsey for the heads up!

Ummm……FORWARD. Yes, that is the best and yet most inadequate description of this self-gratifying Darkward. MMMMMMMOMMA……this fic starts at hyper-speed. Edward happens across our fair Bella in Seattle where she is fulfilling her guise to avoid going to the dance with Mike Newton. Edward drags Bella into a dark alley where she assumes he is going to rape or kill her, but instead of drinking from her, he quickly changes his mind, reeling from the fact that he can‘t tap into her brain, and that her responses (true to form) are utterly abnormal. Things quickly shift as he starts to lust for her and molests her in the alley-way. In pure Bella-characterization, she thanks him for the encounter (I know, weird, but it works, trust me) and they’re lust-filled rendezvous makes it all the way back to her truck.

Once they separate, Bella makes her way back to Forks and of course finds herself getting into trouble along the way. Edward follows, unbeknownst to Bella, and almost eats her before the Cullen’s intervene. Emmaline & Co’s Edward has a feral presence and after his first encounter with Bella, he quickly becomes out favorite obsessed vampire stalker. YES!!!

In the most recent chapter, Edward finally reunites with Carlisle at the hospital. The authors do an amazing job of portraying the guilt and anger and awkwardness of their encounter. We learn that Carlisle is the only reason that the rest of the Cullens haven’t tarred and feathered and burned Edward. To Carlisle, Edward is a live-wire and he is unsure of his motivations for showing up in Forks, yet he still obligates himself to give Edward some trust and leeway.

The situation is a precarious one and it is impossible to determine which way Edward is going to go since he himself has no idea what he is doing with Bella. After a chance meeting with her again at the hospital, our STALKward morphs quickly (VERY quickly) back into LUSTward and is volatile (MMMYUM). I’m telling’ ya, Emmaline is a PRO at creating some SERIOUSLY SCORCHING moments between B & E.

The involvement of the Cullens & their worry and protectiveness over Bella is an added bonus, and adds realism and intensity to how dangerous and unpredictable this Edward is, as well as providing some added suspense.

For a story that has yet to get to the smut, Emmaline & Co are keeping me highly satisfied (and aroused) with the heavy, HEAVY doses of UST. Yes, the UST levels are OFF THE CHARTS considering that at each encounter, Edward can’t keep his hands (or his mouth for that matter) off of our innocent little Bella.

I am truly excited to see where the authors take this story, and considering the fact that their E & B have done nothing more than making out with some light petting, there is SO much more to look forward to! The possibilities are endless.

DARK/LUST/STALKward says, GO READ THIS FIC! And leave the authors some love.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Period" by behappy101

Title: "Period"
Author: behappy101
Chapters: 11
Words: 21,071
Reviews: 439
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Horror
Summary: A reality of female life not observed in Twilight. DARK EDWARD. Mature themes.

PERIOD. Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. WAIT, WAIT....don't run away yet....

Obviously, this fic is not for the faint of heart (or stomach). I will say this though; as repulsive as the subject matter may be under initial impression, the core issue of the story is written tastefully well and the writing is absolutely refreshing. Some of you may say, "Tasteful? How is that possible?" but I say to you, look to the realities of the Twilight story. This may be, for lack of a better word, gross, but it IS a reasonable topic (however taboo the material) and this story addresses an issue within the Twilight storyline that Stephenie Meyer conveniently skirted with a
simple, one line explanation. I'm not bashing on SMeyer, because for obvious reasons, this is a topic that she should not mess about
with as the fandom majority would have a proverbial cow. I, however, find it intriguing and stimulating at how realistically the author is able to portray, describe, and resolve this fundamental issue that would (or should) otherwise be avoided like the plague.

Kelsey does an amazing job of describing our beloved Edward, lost to his thirst, and transformed into a formidable vampire monster right before Bella's eyes. "Hello. Edward's not here anymore, please leave your message at the BITE." UNGH.

In all seriousness, I often found it highly improbable for Edward to be able to essentially 'turn off' his thirst for Bella, and always secretly desired to see him lose his carefully perfected control. Well, this story certainly quells THAT craving. She wonderfully contrasts Bella's feelings of fear/terror and desire/lust as they also coalesce in a very realistic way. Her use of brief flashbacks parallelling certain moments in the story provide meaning and significance to Edward's actions and Bella's reactions and tie everything together beautifully.

Again, if you can get past the macabre plot content, this is a HIGHLY desirable and INTENSELY DARK Edward....did I mention INTENSE? You WILL breathe heavy reading this story, whether you like it or not. Personally, I did not find as much offense as I expected with this topic. It is certainly not along the lines of mutilation, torture and gore (which is where my limits lie), and with the caliber of the writing and overtly sexual constitution, the story was very easy to digest, and intrinsically HOT AS HELL.

That being said, I urge you to push your limits and give this story a go around....you will NOT be dissapointed....that is, if you're looking for a deeply dark, dichotomistic, dominating Darkward drowning in his vampiric and carnal desires.....yes, if that is you, then this is your story!